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ido dukler

Ido Dukler

United States

I've tried my fair share of productivity apps, but Filos stands out from the crowd. In a world where our phones are both our best friends and worst distractions, this app offers the perfect solution.

blake jackola

Blake Jackola

United States

Filos is a game-changer! Cut my distractions in half and boosted my productivity. Highly recommend!

Abigail Rosengren

United States

This app has been phenomenal for me. I was struggling with staying focused during midterm season and this has helped me drastically cut down on procrastination. It single handedly saved my exams.

julie bouassami

Julie Bouassami


I used to be on my phone 3 hours a day especially on Instagram. Filos helped me reduce my screen time by 30%! I'm also more focused at work and enjoy the moments I spend on social media even more.

louise sieg

Louise Sieg


5/5 would recommend to anyone struggling with scrolling and screen time. Filos has been incredibly useful in reducing my screen time (more than 50% reduction). It is THE app I was looking for: one that both gives me agency and is merciless when the time limit has been reached. Because no two days are same for me as a PhD student, Filos really strikes the perfect balance with the daily time sets, and I feel less imprisoned by my phone both during work and leisure hours.

varun singhal

Varun Singhal

United States

Thanks to Filos, I've regained control over my phone time. Simple, effective, and a real productivity enhancer.

jake ryan

Jake Ryan

United States

Ever since I got Filos, my phone works for me, not the other way around. A must-have for the easily distracted!

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